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Chełmy Park

The Chełmy Landscape Park, also known as the Land of Extinct Volcanoes, is a showcase for 500 million years of geological history with wide and untouched forrests, impressive gorges and streams, basalt columns, boulders, and pillow lavas that appear like melted castle ruins.

Park Krajobrazowy Chełmy

Geological and Natural Aspects

Chełmy Landscape Park, nestled within the Kaczawa Foothills and brushing against the Kaczawa Mountains and Chojnów Plain, is a region celebrated for its rich geological history and diverse landscapes. This area, once dominated by volcanic activity, now offers a unique blend of natural wonders, making it a captivating destination for nature enthusiasts. Below are the five key attractions that highlight the park's remarkable features:

Myśliborski Gorge (Moisdorfer Schlucht): Known as the park's most famous attraction, this gorge captivates visitors with its rock formations, including pillow lavas and greenschists (a volcanic, green looking kind of stone). The gorge is home to a diverse range of fern species, thriving in the cool, moist microclimate created by the Jawornik stream. Its accessibility and the presence of amenities make it a popular spot, though it's best visited during quieter times to fully appreciate its natural beauty.

Siedmicki Gorge: This reserve is another testament to the park's volcanic past, offering scenic views and a serene atmosphere. The gorge is a haven for various plant species, which flourish in its unique environmental conditions.

Lipa Gorge: Featuring stunning geological formations and lush vegetation, Lipa Gorge is a quieter destination within the park. Its tranquil paths and the sound of the flowing stream provide a peaceful escape into nature.

Nad Groblą Reserve: This area showcases the park's diverse flora and fauna, with well-preserved ecosystems that offer a glimpse into the natural beauty of the region. The reserve's trails allow visitors to explore its varied landscapes and wildlife.

Mszana and Obłoga Reserves: These reserves are characterized by their exceptional geological features and the preservation of rare plant species. They offer a unique opportunity to explore the park's volcanic history and its impact on the local biodiversity.

Your Trip to Chełmy Park

The landscape of Chełmy Landscape Park is a mosaic of rolling hills, ancient volcanic cones and extensive plains. Between these geological marvels lie enchanting valleys and gorges, where streams meander or cascade, creating lush, green oases. The park also offers an extensive network of trails and educational paths.

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