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The Lodge

Discover the inviting areas of Oak Lodge: a welcoming lobby with a fireplace for warm gatherings, a library full of books and games, serene outdoor spaces for nature lovers, exclusive relaxation in The Nature Spa or hangouts at The Explorer's Hub.

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The Nature Spa

Hidden among the beauty of towering trees and the timeless allure of ancient walls, your exclusive retreat unfolds along the riverbank, spanning over 600 square meters of private spa area. Here, you can enjoy a sauna that offers views of the surrounding nature, find solace under the stars in an open-air whirlpool, and lounge in comfort in an outdoor lounge that sits directly by the river’s gentle flow. The Nature Spa combines the best of natural beauty and luxurious relaxation, providing a unique and private escape from the everyday.



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The Lobby

The lobby of The Oak Lodge is a cozy meeting spot featuring comfortable seating, a tea and coffee bar, and a welcoming stove, perfect for chilly days. The impressive centuries-old walls and massive beams give the space a remarkable atmosphere. Directly from the lobby, you have access to the charming courtyard, which offers additional seating, access to The Valley and the Explorer's Hub. This is the ideal place to relax, warm up or cool down, and make plans for your next adventures.

The Tavern

Every morning in The Lodge's tavern starts with an à la carte breakfast made from fresh, regional ingredients. With its rustic design, a welcoming bar, and an attractive side room, it exudes the spirit of bygone times and adventure. It is the perfect place to start the day with good energy, plan your expeditions and make new connections by the smell of pancakes in an outstanding atmosphere

The Library

The library at Oak Lodge stretches across the staircase and is an ideal spot if you enjoy reading or playing games. It is stocked with books in various languages, cozy seating, and tables perfectly suited for puzzles and board games, providing everything needed for a relaxing break. Fresh air flows through the open windows, creating a comfortable atmosphere that's perfect for diving into a good book or simply enjoying the quiet of the evening with a fine glass of wine.

The Explorer's Hub

Have a rest by the fire, stock up on supplies for your trip, or find some inspiration for your next expedition. 

The Explorer's Hub offers a cozy lounge area, games, an Expedition Board with curated indoor & outdoor activities and a wide range of local products to enrich your stay. 


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