On November 23, 1745, the Battle of Hennersdorf was a significant Prussian victory in the Second Silesian War. Led by Frederick the Great, the Prussian army outmaneuvered and overpowered the Austro-Saxon forces, reinforcing Prussian control over the strategic region of Silesia.

A Rapid Victory

Strategic Situation

Before the battle, the Prussian king had successfully seized Silesia during the First Silesian War (1740–1742). However, the ongoing War of the Austrian Succession kept the region contested. The Austrians, determined to reclaim Silesia, made significant incursions into the territory, culminating in the confrontation near the village of Hennersdorf in Lower Silesia.

The Battle

During the Battle of Hennersdorf the Prussians, outnumbered by the Austrian and Saxon forces, were compelled to act decisively. Friedrich Leopold von Gessler commanded the Austrian and Saxon troops, who were unaware of the impending Prussian assault. On the Prussian side, Hans Joachim von Zieten, a key Prussian general known for his cavalry leadership, played a crucial role in the battle.

Frederick utilized the element of surprise to his advantage. He directed his forces through difficult terrain, taking the enemy off-guard. 

The battle commenced with an intense Prussian artillery barrage. Zieten's cavalry, renowned for its speed and agility, flanked the enemy, disrupting their formations and causing chaos in their ranks. Coupled with a coordinated infantry assault, the Prussians overwhelmed the Austro-Saxon forces, who, despite their numerical advantage, were unable to effectively counter the Prussian tactics and rapidly overwhelmed. So rapidly, that the German Phrase “Zieten aus dem Busch”, became a respectful synonym for something you did not expect.

Hennersdorf Battlefield

Visitors to the Lodge can take the opportunity to go on a trip to this historic site, where they can reflect on the events of the battle and the intricate tapestry of European military history. It is marked by a commemorative stone


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