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Kolorowe Jeziorka

The Kolorowe Jeziorka, or “Colorful Ponds”, are a remarkable natural attraction and a fascinating example of how human activities can transform the natural landscape and how nature adapts to create unique and beautiful ecosystems.

The Colourfull Ponds

The Origin Of Kolorowe Jeziorka

The region was once an important mining site, particularly for the extraction of ores like pyrite, a mineral also known as "fool's gold".

The Colorful Ponds were formed in old, abandoned mining pits where pyrite and other metal ores were once extracted. After the cessation of mining activities in the area, these pits filled with water, and various chemical reactions with the remaining minerals in the ground tinted the water in different hues.

Colors of the Ponds

There are four main ponds, each with its own distinctive color:

  • The Yellow Pond (Żółte Jeziorko) gets its color from sulfur compounds.
  • The Purple Pond (Purpurowe Jeziorko) is colored by iron compounds.
  • The Blue Pond (Niebieskie Jeziorko) derives its hue from copper compounds.
  • The Green Pond (Zielone Jeziorko) is tinted green by a combination of sulfur and copper compounds.

Nature And Surroundings

The Kolorowe Jeziorka, or "Colorful Ponds", are located near the town of Wieściszowice in the Rudawski Landscape Park, part of the Rudawy Janowickie mountains

Your Trip To The Kolorowe Jeziorka

The Colorful Ponds are a favored destination for hikers and nature lovers. A hiking trail takes visitors around the different ponds, with informational boards along the way providing insights into the region's mining history and the formation of the ponds.


45 km

Drive time:

1:30 h 


min. 4-6 h 

Hiking & Biking, Mountainsports, Nature & Wilderness

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