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Rybna Chata

Built in traditional log cabin style, Rybna Chata offers an authentic atmosphere and a magnificent terrace that invites you to linger and savor. Here, you can enjoy freshly prepared delicacies made from local ingredients close to The Lodge in beautiful surroundings – a feast for the senses.

A Culinary Gem

About Rybna Chata

Rybna Chata has quickly established itself as a name synonymous with (but not only with) exquisite fish cuisine. Surrounded by its fishponds and pristine nature, Rybna Chata offers its guests a visual and culinary experience.

Kitchen & Ambience

The cuisine at Rybna Chata is distinguished by its focus on freshly caught fish. Dishes like spicy fish soup, trout baked in parchment, and crispy carp pieces are served with a passion for quality and perfect composition. Sourced from their own environmentally friendly fish stocks, they provide an authentic taste, shaped by local and fresh ingredients.

Additionally, there is of course a regularly changing menu for people with a different taste, featuring fantastic meat dishes or vegetarian alternatives and salads, making it worth dropping by at any time to enjoy some seasonal delights.

The rustic and elegant ambiance of Rybna Chata gives the restaurant a unique charm. The cozy and warm atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a relaxed meal amidst nature.

The spacious roofed terrace by the lakes offers a splendid view of the surrounding landscape, inviting guests to enjoy their meals outdoors.

Your Trip To Rybna Chata

Rybna Chata is conveniently accessible from The Oak Lodge, offering an enjoyable journey either by foot or bicycle. The route to the restaurant winds through natural scenery, making the trip there an experience in itself.

The quality of the food is perfect, and the friendliness of the staff with multilingual service ensures that both local and international guests feel welcome and well cared for. If you're staying at The Oak Lodge and an aficionado of fish cuisine, a visit to Rybna Chata is a must.

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1,5 km

Drive time:

 5 min 


min. 1-2 h 

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