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Pilchowice Dam

The Pilchowice Dam, known in Polish as Pilchowickie Zapora was constructed in the early 20th century. The impressive bulding continues to serve as a hydroelectric power station and a bulwark against flooding in the area of the Bóbr valley.

The Pilchowice Dam 

Historical Perspective Of The Pilchowice Dam 

The story of the Pilchowice Dam begins with Europe’s rapid industrial and economic expansion at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The increasing demand for electrical power and the necessity to protect the surrounding areas from the frequent floods of the Bóbr River led to the dam’s conception. Its construction unfolded in the 1900s, and the dam emerged as a cornerstone in the region’s infrastructure.

Technical Features

The Pilchowice Dam is distinguished by its remarkable construction. Designed as a gravity dam, it is capable of controlling and storing a vast volume of water. Made of concrete, it impresses with its durability and longevity. The dam creates a reservoir that not only serves as a source of energy but also shapes the landscape and has become a popular recreational destination.

Nature and Surroundings:

The region around the Pilchowice Dam, the Bóbr valley, is a true natural haven. The reservoir and the surrounding forests provide habitats for various wildlife and plant species. Walking paths and viewpoints along the shore invite visitors to explore the flora and fauna and enjoy the serenity of nature. In spring and summer, the area is a draw for hikers and cyclists, while the reservoir itself is appealing for anglers and water sports enthusiasts.

Your Trip to the Pilchowice Dam

A visit to the Pilchowice Dam promises not only insight into a piece of modern engineering art but also a host of outdoor activities. Whether exploring the area on marked trails, relaxing on the water, or enjoying the view from one of the many picnic spots, the Pilchowice Dam and its surroundings cater to all ages.


16 km

Drive time:

35 min 


min. 2-3 h 

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