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Książ Castle

Książ castle, also known as Fürstenstein, is one of the largest castles in Poland, dominating the landscape above the town of Wałbrzych in Lower Silesia. Its impressive history, dating back to the 13th century, as well as its architecture, make it a fascinating site for visitors from all around the world.

Książ Castle, A Beauty Above The Trees

Architecture And History Of Książ Castle

Originally built between 1288 and 1292 by Duke Bolko I of Świdnica, Schloss Książ has undergone numerous transformations throughout the centuries. The castle showcases a variety of architectural styles, from Gothic and Baroque to Renaissance and Neobaroque influences. Each era has left its mark, turning the castle into a rich tapestry of eclectic architectural mastery.

Over the years, the castle has been owned by various notable families, which contributed to its development and the addition of luxurious halls, expansive terraces, and a beautifully landscaped park. The Hochberg family, who acquired the castle in the 16th century, were particularly influential. They initiated significant renovations in the 18th century, adding the magnificent Maximilian Hall, renowned for its lavish baroque decor.

Książ Castle in World War II

One of the most intriguing chapters in the history of Schloss Książ occurred during World War II when the Nazis seized control of the property. They incorporated it into the Riese Project—a network of underground tunnels and bunkers intended for military use. It is believed that these renovations were part of a grand plan to convert the castle into a luxurious headquarters for Adolf Hitler. The extensive tunnel system behind the castle remains shrouded in mystery and is a subject of ongoing research and speculation.

The impact of the war and subsequent years under communist rule led to significant neglect and deterioration of the castle. It wasn't until recent decades that extensive restoration efforts were undertaken to return the castle to its former glory, preserving its architectural and historical integrity.

 Książ Castle Today: Tourism and Culture

Today, Książ castle is a prime tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the globe with its opulent halls and magnificent gardens. The gardens, spreading over 45 hectares, feature a diverse range of plant species, ornate water features, and sculptures.

Inside, the castle's many rooms are filled with artifacts and exhibits that tell the stories of its past inhabitants and their lifestyles. Regular events, concerts, and exhibitions held at the castle highlight the cultural heritage and provide a rich experience for all visitors.

Your Trip to Książ Castle

With its profound historical background and breathtaking architecture, Książ  castle is an unforgettable destination for those seeking to explore history in Poland. Guided tours offer visitors easy access to all aspects of it's history, including the underground tunnels and other interesting areas or stories.

It is advisable to combine a visit to this attraction with other nearby sights or a cozy dinner. Given the variety of options available, this Expedition can easily be expanded to include additional destinations, creating an exciting Day Trip during your stay at The Lodge.


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