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Przemkowski Park

The Przemkowski Park is an expansive, predominantly flat landscape characterized by marshes, heathlands, pine forests, lakes and even a desert. Besides countless cycling and hiking trails as well as rare and protected plants and animals, there is also history to be discovered.

The Essence of Przemkowski Park

Geological and Natural Aspects

Covering an expanse of over 88 square kilometers, Przemkowski Park is a vibrant mosaic of ecological habitats. With its rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes, it offers endless opportunities for immersion in nature and European wilderness.

The park's forests are home to towering pines and ancient oaks, under which a rich understorey thrives, creating a haven for numerous bird species and wildlife. Its heathlands, a rarity in central Europe, bloom with a palette of colors in spring and summer, offering spectacular views and a backdrop for unforgettable hikes.

The park's water bodies, including ponds, marshes, and streams, are integral to its ecosystem. These aquatic habitats support a rich aquatic life and provide a refuge for migratory and resident birds. The diversity of landscapes within Przemkowski Park makes it an exceptional site for ecological studies and nature observation, distinguishing it from other natural reserves.

Adding a touch of the exotic to the verdant landscapes of Przemkowski Park is its very own desert, a rare and unexpected feature that stands out as a geographical curiosity. This sandy expanse, dotted with sparse vegetation and adapted wildlife, provides a unique habitat and an unexpected adventure for visitors. Known as the Kozłow Desert, it offers a contrast to the surrounding greenery, presenting a landscape that seems borrowed from faraway lands.

Historical Sites

Among the park's natural splendor, it is also the home of historical sites including an old cemetery with ancient gravestones, abandoned buildings and bunker complexes from World War II scattered throughout the park.

Your Trip to the Przemkowski Park

Exploring the different areas of the park, will give you the surreal sensation of being in several climate zones within one single place.

Allthough the seasonal transformation of the landscape is making it a year-round destination, best time to visit is from late spring to early autumn, when the flora is in bloom, and the wildlife is most active. 


30 km

Drive time:

45 min 


Day Trip

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