Serenity of

The Summer

If the air is filled with the scent of flowers and freshly mown grass and an embrace of warm light creates feelings of ease and happiness, the beauty of the world unfolds in a single timeless moment. 

It's an oasis of joy and letting go.

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2 Guests

34 m²

9 m²

Arrangements & Packages 

We want every stay to be a unique and wonderful experience. That's why we regularly offer changing arrangements and packages to make your visit even more memorable.

The offerings vary depending on season, holidays, or special occasions, ensuring there's always something new.



The Room

A Place To Recover

The room is equipped with a cozy bed, providing a peaceful rest after a day of adventures. Drift off to sleep with fresh air right out of the forest and awake to the sounds of nature as the sun rises again. Regenerate your body and recharge your soul to get ready for new experiences lying ahead.

A Place To Relax

Enjoy the convenience of a welcoming sitting area in your room, ideal for leisurely mornings or relaxing evenings with a drink. A tea and coffee bar is ready to serve your needs, and a fridge is on hand for any goodies you wish to keep cool. Looking to replenish your stash? Visit The Lobby or The Explorer's Hub!

A Place To Refresh

The spacious bathroom invites you to unwind with a hot shower or freshen up quickly. Equipped with an array of towels in various sizes, a makeup mirror, and a hairdryer, your comfort is fully catered to. Additionally, the spa area offers a sauna and whirlpool for further relaxation, or you can opt for a refreshing dip in the midst of the forest and nature and explore The Valley.

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Areas & Amenities

The lodge offers an impressive array of inviting spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you seek relaxation in the Nature Spa, a quiet escape with a good book in the library, socializing through games, or simply your own cozy hideaway in the woods, you'll find it here.


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The Lodge

The Oak Lodge

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The Valley

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