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For groups, it's possible to rent the entire Lodge. In this case, The Adventure Floor becomes available, featuring up to five additional rooms. Each can accommodate two people in various bed configurations and offers a unique, historic ambiance, enhancing the magic of this place.

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10 Rooms

19 Guests

700 m²

Areas & Amenities

The lodge offers an impressive array of inviting spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you seek relaxation in the Nature Spa, a quiet escape with a good book in the library, socializing through games, or simply your own cozy hideaway in the woods, you'll find it here.



The Rooms

Dream Of Adventure

Unwind after a day full of activities.

Each Adventure Room has a slightly different size and is furnished with various comfortable beds (single or double), ensuring a good night's sleep for everyone.

Additionally, every room includes its own private bathroom. 

Spirit Of The Past

The building's historical half-timbered architecture is feelable at the Adventure Floor. It is characterized by thick walls and authentic small windows offering views of the surrounding greenery, and creates a unique experience of being slowed down and reconnected to the past. 

Experience Of Centuries

The Adventure Rooms, combined with the other rooms and possibilities at the Lodge and in the surrounding area, offer an extraordinary setting for special events. They are the perfect place to rest and recharge before another day of adventure, providing a perfect balance of comfort and inspiration.

The Nature Spa

Hidden among the beauty of towering trees and the timeless allure of ancient walls, your exclusive retreat unfolds along the riverbank, spanning over 600 square meters of private spa area. Here, you can enjoy a sauna that offers views of the surrounding nature, find solace under the stars in an open-air whirlpool, and lounge in comfort in an outdoor lounge that sits directly by the river’s gentle flow. The Nature Spa combines the best of natural beauty and luxurious relaxation, providing a unique and private escape from the everyday.


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