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Bolczów Castle

Deep within the forests, the ruins of Bolczów Castle stand as a testament to a rich and tumultuous history. This once-majestic fortress, now a picturesque ruin, continues to captivate visitors with its stories of medieval lords, wars, and changing times.

Bolczów Castle: Through The Ages

13th Century Origins

The village of Janowice, closely associated with Bolczów Castle, traces its origins to the 13th century, with the first documented mention in 1334 related to an inhabitant named Franciszek von Ywanewitz. In the mid-14th century, the settlement, along with nearby Miedzianka and Mniszków, was part of the de Beyer family’s estate. The property, including Janowice and Bolczów Castle, changed owners multiple times through the centuries, reflecting the dynamic political and social landscape of the region.

Strategic Importance and Architectural Evolution:

Built by the noble Clericus Bolcze in 1375, Bolczów Castle was initially erected as a fortified residence to protect valuable smelting operations and copper mines. The castle's design and structure evolved over time, bearing witness to the Gothic and Renaissance architectural influences. It served as a treasury for the nearby copper mine, leading to several modernizations and expansions, including a fortified gate unit and a residential building known as the High House.

Sieges, Destruction, and Decline:

The castle's strategic importance inevitably made it a target during times of conflict. Throughout its history, Bolczów Castle faced numerous military challenges. The most impactful of these were during the turbulent times of the Thirty Years' War, a period marked by widespread religious and political upheaval across Europe.

The castle's most testing times came in the 17th century when it faced two major sieges by the Swedish army. The first attack in 1641 was just a prelude to the more catastrophic event in 1645. During a winter night, Swedish forces managed to overtake the castle, leading to a massive fire. This fire caused irreparable damage, burning down roofs and wooden structures and causing parts of the stone walls to crack under the intense heat.

A second fire in September 1646 further damaged the already weakened structure. These consecutive disasters left the castle in a state of ruin. Efforts to rebuild and restore the castle were made, but they proved to be insufficient. The fortress, which had once stood proudly over the region, was eventually abandoned.

Your Trip to Bolczów Castle

Visitors to Bolczów Castle can explore the well-preserved 16th-century gatehouse unit with its barbican and bastion, the almost complete line of peripheral walls, and the water cistern in the upper courtyard. The Kapelania terrace offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Sudety Mountains.


36 km

Drive time:

60 min 


min. 3-4 h 

Castle/Palace, Hiking & Biking, Ruin

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