The Oak Lodge provides you with the perfect setting for an active outdoor holiday. Nestled in a breathtaking environment, you'll find a wealth of activities In the immediate vicinity.

From exhilarating hikes to adventurous mountain biking tours, water sports or even skiing in the winter– there is no shortage of opportunities to get active and experience the beauty of nature in a region full of history.

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We want every stay to be a unique and wonderful experience. That's why we regularly offer changing arrangements and packages to make your visit even more memorable.

The offerings vary depending on season, holidays, or special occasions, ensuring there's always something new.




Discover Nature

The region surrounding the Lodge is undoubtedly one of the most stunning areas in Europe, offering almost everything nature has to provide. Within short driving distance, you can discover expansive forests and meadows, gentle hills, steep mountains, extinct volcanoes, rivers, lakes, and even a desert. The landscape is wide and almost untouched, yet well accessible and full of possible activities to choose from.  

Visit The Lodge and discover them all >>

Discover History

In Lower Silesia, nature and history merge into a unique backdrop that invites discoveries. This land has seen the rule of various European dynasties, each leaving behind a legacy, and the landscape is dotted with relics of its diverse heritage – the majestic, the forgotten, and the hidden ones. From impressive castles and mystical ruins to abandoned factories, old mines, and bunker complexes. Let the allure of discovery meet the thrill of adventure and find your next Expedition >>

Discover Freedom

The Oak Lodge offers you the freedom you are looking for. Embedded in its own natural setting, in spacious rooms or riverside apartments, with a deliberately small number of guests, your soul finds the space it needs to unfold. A private valley, stretching out directly behind the lodge, invites you to embark on extensive hikes or runs – through forests, meadows, and hills stretching to the horizon. Despite its tranquil location, restaurants and shops are just a few minutes away and the Explorers Hub provides supplies, games, and inspiration. Relax after a day full of activities, with the next adventure already waiting behind the gates.

The Explorer's Hub

Have a rest by the fire, stock up on supplies for your trip, or find some inspiration for your next expedition. 

The Explorer's Hub offers a cozy lounge area, games, an Expedition Board with curated indoor & outdoor activities and a wide range of local products to enrich your stay. 


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